About Us

Kumudini Womens’ Medical College, in association with Kumudini Hospital, is situated in KWTs main campus at Mirzapur, Tangail extending over and area of 110 acres of land.
Kumudini Women’s Medical College provides adequate facilities to teach the students with its spacious lecture halls, well equipped laboratories, tutorial rooms for small group discussion and a well spacious dissection hall, enriched library with latest computers and internet connection, students common room, canteen, fair price shop and telephone booth.

Kumudini Hospital

Kumudini Hospital was established in 1944 by the great philanthropist Ranada Prasad Shaha. It has come a long way. Starting from 20 beds it now has 750 beds with its own full-fledged diagnostic facilities. Apart form indoor and outdoor facilities it has a village outreach program that makes it a unique center of excellence. It has provided treatment to 36,023 patients in indoor services and 2, 36,442 patients in outdoor services in 2010 (as per treatment statistics 2010). Starting from the inception Kumudini Hospital used to provide complete free service. But from 1993 the Trust started a Patient’s Participation Program for which the patients are to pay just for their medication. The outdoor patients have to buy a Card worth of Taka 10.00 only, which is valid for 6 months and within this time the patients can utilize all sorts of outdoor facilities with this card. In case of emergency there is a separate arrangement as well. 
The hospital has its own diagnostic laboratory with all necessary general diagnostic facilities. In addition to diagnostic services this Laboratory has – on a rather limited scale – research and training facilities. It has separate units in Medicine, Surgery, Gynae & Obs, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics and Dentistry. The hospital has further plans to establish- a Modern Cardiac Centre, a Modern ICU, a Modern Nephrology Centre, Udgradation Centre and a Modern Trauma Centre in the near future. The hospital units contribute directly to the hands-on teaching of the medical students.